Ready Writing – UIL

January 26, 2015

Ready Writing Practice Essay #1 FruitfulIntelligence-RW

Patriotic Design

May 12, 2014

Silent Cry

May 12, 2014

The project was to create an album cover for any particular song of your choice, using pictures that you thought would best represent your song. The song that I chose was “Wake Me Up,” by Avicii.

Graphic Design Picture Collage

September 25, 2013

My picture collage has a red matrix background because red is my favorite color. I have many pictures stacked on top of this background to describe me and my hobbies. I also put pictures of my favorite items of interest, usually edited to hold a red or blue design, because blue is my second favorite […]

A Separate Piece is based upon two boys who become friends and then go through betrayal and many hardships. Both Gene and Phineas form a bond beginning with a jump into a river, and later the bond weakens with the fall from the very same tree, the fall of Phineas. Gene is responsible for this, […]

Reflection “In the deep, tacit way in which feeling becomes stronger than thought, I had always felt that the Devon School came into existence the day I entered it, it was vibrantly real while I was a student there, and then blinked out like a candle the day I left.” This sentence reflects from Gene’s […]

1. In the beginning of the novel Gene is in captivity to Devon and it’s thorough rules, determined to create a name for himself that excels past the background of all other teenagers and their history. His origination being a poor home is the south, he scrambles to screen his identity from spectators and create […]

In John Knowles’ complex and mesmerizing novel, A Separate Piece, the book is presented as a fascinating story of two young boys who attend the military boarding school of Devon, New Hampshire. Based back in World War II, the story focuses on the development and maturity of two boys who openly reject the war and […]

1. The human being as an individual reveres himself above all else, often forgetting the pain and misery many others suffer around him. Phineas could be used for this text, but Brinker provesĀ  the far better individual to analyze. Before the second accident, Brinker pulls aside Gene to accuse him of “putting off enlisting” due […]